History of Pathway Driving School

To reduce road accidents, Pathway has started a Pathway Automobile Driving School in Dhaka. In a short time, the school has reached international standards in giving training and has earned a good name. Here instruction is given for a very nominal fee. At the same time,  those who are unable to pay at all are given instructions free of cost including helping them to obtain their driving license. All trainees are given practical lessons on car maintenance and knowledge about traffic rules. Every year many trainees have graduated from the driving school and have been rewarded with good jobs both home and abroad.

Pathway is very concerned with the women labor force who go abroad usually as domestic help and face sexual harassment at the hands of their employers. Most of them live in substandard conditions and get a meager pay. Pathway has plans to undertake training of women as drivers so that they can be sent in the semi skilled  category and employed in different companies abroad and at home earning better wages as well as being free of humiliation and mistreatment from their employers.

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