Message from the Executive Directors of PATHWAY

COVID-19 (Corona Virus) has spread out all over the world including Bangladesh. So we have been operating our development programs to each Sub-district (Upazilla) and District (Zilla) levels at this crisis moment. PATHWAY includes all employees who are committed to stretch their helping hands to general people together with the Bangladesh Government or concerned authorities.

PATHWAY has prepared a task force comprising health and medical doctors and specialists to face the crisis of COVID-19 (Corona Virus). This task force has been providing necessary suggestions and recommendations to the PATHWAY. The NGO has been working and implementing several medical treatment or risk awareness programs in terms of their suggestions and recommendations. In order to implement our missions, we have been working in different Districts/Sub -districts together with local authorities, health department and doctors so that we can maintain cooperation each other.

We have been taking some suitable and active steps gradually to save our staff, patients and general people from the crisis of COVID-19. In future, we will take many initiatives to provide health services and protect people from the crisis.
The initiatives already taken by us are as follows:
  • We have taken awareness improvemnet programs about risks of COVID-19 (Corona Virus).
  • PATHWAY has been publicizing the necessary steps/risk solutions through its Media Center and social communication tools including PATHWAY Facebook Page and Blog etc.
  • A new special website ( has already been introduced to provide the latest and proper information to the general people.
  • PATHWAY has been providing trainings to its staff and employees about how to serve general people actively and carefully in several areas of the country.
  • We have been supplying safety materials including masks, hand gloves, hand sanitizer, soaps, hand wash, apron or body covering elements etc. to different official staff and general people.
  • Our staff have been working to make aware of general people across the country to abide by the guidelines of health risk and safety relative to Corona Virus.
  • They inform general people about how to use handkerchiefs, tissue and hand sanitizer etc. to the people regularly.
  • We have cancelled our international travelling plans to reduce spread of risks of corona virus.
  • The activists of the NGO will have been working actively in field levels across the country to make awareness of Corona Virus risks in cooperation with local government, journalists and concerned authorities.

We are grateful to all of you for continuous support and faith towards the PATHWAY.

With thanks,

Md Shahin
Executive Director,
PATHWAY, Bangladesh

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