Education for All

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Welcome To Child Care

We promised you that, we always try to take care of Street Children's.
Early child care is a very important and often overlooked component of child development


To establish educational institutions and undertake mass education projects for the purpose of spreading education in national life.

Healthy Food

Pathway provides free foods for the students besides providing educational material for the poor and talented students.

Mobile Libraries

Various educational programs were undertaken including the setting up of mobile libraries and libraries.

We are Providing an all inclusive, safe, and caring
environment for Street Children's

Your smile is our smile.

Your smile is our smile.

Our Event

A great place to grow up street children's improvement
We promised that helping street children's develop and learn through fun and creativity.

Education for All

Pathway is a well-known name in Bangladesh. Pathway has footprints in various development activities in the country. Pathway implements action plans with people from different walks of life in Bangladesh. Pathway always stands by poor helpless people. Pathway provides food, habitat, general education, and technical education to the helpless poor and street children in society. A school with street children in Dhaka city was run on the pathway initiative. Pathway thinks that if street children are properly nurtured, one day these children will dedicate themselves to the service of the country. The leadership of the day will come out of them. With whom Bangladesh will move forward. Pathway's role in implementing the education of street children was impeccable. Street children's education materials were completely free. Food was served to create their interest in studies.
Pathway provides food, habitat, general education, and technical education to the helpless poor and street children in society.
Pathway also provides scholarships among children to create interest in children's education. Scholarships are based on talent and results. In addition to education for street children, Pathway provides free school children with admission and teaching materials with financial assistance to children who are unable to pay for school expenses in different parts of Dhaka city. Also, universities were admitted through financial assistance to students who had financial problems for university admissions. Pathway has provided financial assistance to those who want to study outside the country besides cooperating in the field. 
Bags, books, Khata, pens are distributed to encourage children to study in the education sector under the initiative of Pathway. Pathway provides various technical education to children besides education. Technical education provides various types of training from age to age such as computer training, beauticians, stitches, driving, etc. Pathway thinks that if children are given proper education direction from an early age, Children will lead the country forward as a guide to the future. If children can be taught the right education and behavior when they grow up, it is not possible to bring children to any harm to the people of the country and the country. These children will shoulder the responsibility of the people of the country and the country in the future. They will always be ready to give themselves to the service of the country. If children have to teach love from a young age, they will love the people of the country and the country. 
Pathway distributes free masks among students
Finally, without education, no nation can progress. People's entire lives are worthless without education. Imagining human life without education seems to be a lifeless thing. Pathway is working around the word education for all. The problems that are there to build a nation that is full of qualifications will be removed one day. We will work to build a nation of mutual respect, responsibility, and service. So in keeping with the pathway, you have to say "on the way to the next with the pathway."


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About Pathway

Pathway is the best Charity, Non-profit and volunteer organization in Bangladesh. It’s situated and head office is at Mirpur, Dhaka. Pathway always stands with the helpless people affected by various natural calamities. Mainly Pathway is a humanitarian organization dedicated to children, women, and third gender development in Bangladesh.  Pathway is approved and listed by the NGO Affairs Bureau Bangladesh. Registration No: 0778

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