Pathway helps third gender/transgender community in Bangladesh to improve the quality of their lifestyle.

As a non-profit charity organization, Pathway provides a number of benefits for the protection of the human rights of transgender/ Hijra/ third gender communities in Bangladesh. Moreover, it ensures free driving training courses for the third gender from Pathway driving training school, in addition to various types of skill training.

Benefits from Pathway for third gender/transgender people in Bangladesh

The greatest Creator Allah has set many examples filled with mysteries through his numerous creations. Transgenders What we call hijras in the conventional sense is also a novel creation of the Creator. Pathway helps third gender/transgender community in Bangladesh to improve the quality of their lifestyle. Apparently, Third Genders seem ordinary, but they have some fundamental differences from the common man. The main difference between transgender and others is that they are not capable of having children. People of the third gender are actually born sexually challenged.
Many people look at the issue in many ways behind them being like this. There are many misconceptions about them in our society. Religiously, some see it as a product of parental sins as an explanation, while others think it is the result of a chaotic physical union. Meanwhile, according to modern medical science, sex chromosome problems cause complications in the sex determination of a child, which is due to a lack of essential hormones. Click to Read more

Facilities for Third Gender from Pathway | Pathway helps third gender/transgender community in Bangladesh to improve the quality of their lifestyle.

Free Driving Training Course for the third gender from Pathway

Free Driving Training Course for the transgender/ third gender from Pathway

The number of third gender property in the country is 5 lac. Third-gender people have been involved in the work of hand-crafted cottage industries, including the free automobile driving instruction in Pathway initiative, socially seen in the negative view of these third-gender people. Pathway continues to disseminate various publicity campaigns to change the negative attitude of the common man. They are being provided training on various subjects and to provide enlightened cooperation with free educational materials for their children to be enlightened people.
Free Driving Training Course for the third gender from Pathway

Third Gender; Hijra Bulbuli receives the Driving license from Md Shahin, Executive Director, Pathway.

How Pathway is helping third-gender Bulbuli to get his driving license and contributes to improving the quality of life of thousands of such transgender people

Pathway Driving Training School bears all the cost.

Pathway has provided daily food assistance to 300 people a month for the third gender in the lockdown

Pathway has provided daily food assistance to 300 people a month for the Third Gender in the Lockdown.

No one stays by the side of the third sex. They have no specific employment. They have to reach out to different shops or people. But in this lockdown situation, when everyone is staying indoors, their food crisis is seen. At this critical time, Pathway assures them that they do not have to leave the house. Pathway will deliver food to their homes. Pathway has provided daily food assistance to 300 people throughout the month for the third sex in the Corona situation during the lockdown. We want the government to provide them with permanent housing and employment. It is possible to transform them into the wealth of the country through various pieces of training.
Free driving training course for third genders from Pathway

Sewing training activities for third genders on behalf of Pathway

Pathway has provided them with various types of training including free driving training as well as handicraft cottage work, sewing training, and beautician training to make them self-reliant through self-employment.

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Cow was sacrificed for Almighty Allah at Eid ul Adha by Pathway

Pathway stood by the lockdown, distributing food among 6,000 helpless people and the third gender.

Hijra has been included in the Population and Housing Census 2022 as a distinct gender.

Eager appeal to the Honourable Prime Minister: we don't want to give up anymore, we want employment (the cry of the third gender)

Pathway, a non-governmental organization, has observed the 47th martyrdom anniversary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the National Mourning Day of Bangladesh

List of the Leaders of the third Gender in Dhaka, Bangladesh

SN Location Name and Contact Number Total Manpower
01 Mirpur-2, Road No-03, House No-16 (Behind the police Station) Name: Rakhi
Cell: 01631-718430
02 Mirpur-7, Dowari Para, Road No-10 Name: Mundira
cell: 01981-119879
03 Mirpur-13, East Baishtek, House No- 55/40/1, (Beside the Market) Name: Anowari
Cell: 01711-339627
04 Uttara-10, Block-B, Road No-03, South Raza Bari, Pukurpar, Masjid Goli. Name: Kochi Hazi
cell: 01825-813130
05 Mogbazar, Modhubag, Road No-03, Shwapno Goli. Name: Shorola
cell: 01920-868082
06 Mohammadpur, Rayer Bazar (Beside the Market), Boishakhi Road, Police Station. Name: Shimla
cell: 01928-021400
07 Mohammadpur, Chad uddyan, Alam Shaheber Bari. Name: Shyamoli
cell: 01748-144472
08 jhut potti, Building no:3, Mirpur 10 Name: Sanu
cell: 01920-211664
09 Benaroshi Polly, Mirpur 10 Name: Priya
cell: 01910-801707
10 Mirpur 11 Bazar Name: Vaboni
cell: 01936-470547
11 Kalshi, Mirpur Name: Suchona
cell: 01916-480849
12 Raain khola, Mirpur 1 Name: Tania
cell: 01940-870103
13 Raain khola, Mirpur 1 Name: Shanta
14 Senpara parbata, Mirpur 10 Name: Nayan

About Pathway

Pathway is the best Charity, Non-profit and volunteer organization in Bangladesh. It’s situated and head office is at Mirpur, Dhaka. Pathway always stands with the helpless people affected by various natural calamities. Mainly Pathway is a humanitarian organization dedicated to children, women, and third gender development in Bangladesh.  Pathway is approved and listed by the NGO Affairs Bureau Bangladesh. Registration No: 0778

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