Physically Challenged

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Physically Challenged

According to a 2009 World Health Organization report, 0.84% of the total population of Bangladesh is autistic and obsolete. According to this, there are about 15 targets of the disabled people. And the welfare of the children with disabilities are moving ahead with innovative activities. Under these programs, the best efforts are being made to bring to general life through the training of disabled people and if necessary, they are being provided with employment. Pathway is going on in different ways with their welfare towards their full human vision.

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Physically Challenged
Almighty Alllah subhan wa ta Ala created man as the best of creatures. People cannot live alone, they have to live socially. It is never possible to survive apart from society. We have to go through each other's cooperation and support. Not all people on earth are perfect. People have some or the other problem. Unlike ordinary people like us, those who do not have arms, legs, eyes, ears, cannot hear, cannot work properly, and have difficulty in managing life are called disabled. Disabled is a part of society. It is never possible to improve society without them. We have to move forward by cooperating with them. Every person living in society is an asset to the country. People want proper respect and cooperation from each other. Among the innumerable people living in society, some people are different from the people all their lives. We call people with disabilities who depend on other people in society for their livelihood. People with disabilities cannot walk and live alone. People with disabilities have different causes. So someone is disabled by accident. According to the International Labor Organization, a person with a disability is recognized whose physical and mental disability reduces the expectation of adequate employment. According to the UN definition, disability is an obstacle or restriction that completely disrupts a person's normal functioning. It is the responsibility of society and the country to engage the disabled in the service of their country for the betterment of the country without neglecting them. They have equal rights as citizens of the country. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every citizen to provide proper facilities and cooperation to the disabled without neglecting or insulting them. Every disabled person is a part of society. They are not outsiders. We always look at the detainees separately, which is our biggest mistake. Considering the overall aspect, the detainees can be divided into two groups. One is physically handicapped and the other is mentally handicapped. These two types of barriers are seen in society. Physically handicapped means that the handicapped are caused by mutilation.

Physical disabilities are congenital and cause accidents. People who are blind, dumb, deaf, lame, have no limbs, etc. are physically handicapped. Mentally unbalanced fools, insane call them mentally handicapped. In addition, it is necessary to get rid of congenital and fatal diseases. Any obstruction or obstruction is unbearable and difficult for people. Even in poverty, a strong and ordinary person lives a happy life, but during hundreds of riches, a prisoner never finds happiness. Obstacles can be seen in every country of the world. Enclosures are not a single problem. Every country must come forward with the help of espionage. People with disabilities are an asset to the country. The United Nations has declared 1981 as the "World Year of Persons with Disabilities" for the responsibility and rights of society, the state, and the world. Every year on the 3rd of December, the International Day of Detention is observed in the world at the initiative of the United Nations. The participation of the disabled will make the country, society, and nation more vibrant and dynamic. A beautiful country will be built with prisoners. No one in society will criticize or despise the prisoners. Everyone will work for the realization of the rights and equality of the detainees and will come forward to solve the problems of the detainees. The success of the Disability Year and Disability Day will then be fulfilled.
People with disabilities are more or less present in every country. There is no country without people with disabilities. But in the context of the country, the facilities and livelihood of the disabled are different. Bangladesh also has many obstacles. Those who lead in human lives on the streets. The Bangladesh review shows that more than 6 percent of the total population is disabled. At present, there are more than 18-20 lakh disabled people in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, the facilities of the detainees are not distributed properly. Government assistance is not provided properly among the detainees. The detainees receive begging, grants, etc. from the people at the roadside. In the context of Bangladesh, detainees are often neglected. People have to struggle to survive in a country that is poor and has a large population. Bangladesh has to make a well-planned plan with the detainees. Prisoners need to be given opportunities and encouragement. They have to be treated equally by other people in the country. People with disabilities need to gather accurate information. People with disabilities need to plan well for themselves and encourage them to move the country forward. People with disabilities cannot live like other people in the country. But a person with a disability cannot walk like a normal person. People with disabilities have to face various obstacles in their way in society. There are also different places in society. After the family, society has to come forward to help the detainees. The people living in the society will come forward to help the detainees. The responsibility of the detainees is not just the family. Society and the country have to play a big role in fulfilling the responsibilities and duties of the disabled. Man survives not in his name but his deeds. The main idea of ​​society is that the people living in the society will move forward only by cooperating. Everyone is dependent on each other. Therefore, people living in society should help the prisoners in different ways. If we help disabled people in our society as needed, they will become their development and the wealth of the society and the country. Disability is very important in the context of Bangladesh. Although the government does various developmental activities with the detainees, its proper implementation and the right detainees do not get the benefits. If government assistance is provided to various private development agencies, then the development of the disabled is possible.

Pathway is a reputed private development agency in Bangladesh. Pathway is always working for the development of the country. Pathway has undertaken various developmental activities with the detainees. Which will bring beautiful and orderly life to the disabled. Pathway has distributed wheelchairs for the disabled to move around and travel. Pathway organizes various inspirational and motivational programs under its supervision. In this, the detainees get help to move around the society. He organizes various programs, meetings, seminars, picnics, and games with the disabled on the day of the ban. The disabled are the resources of society and the country. To present the family and society of the disabled for their care and proper evaluation. Disabled people can also work for the development of society and the country.
Pathway provides financial and non-financial opportunities. Pathway presented some policies to the government regarding detainees
* Proper distribution of disability allowance.
* To compile an accurate list of detainees across the country.
* Arrange for the disabled to move according to their physical problems.
* To provide free education in schools for the education of the disabled.
* To provide technical education to the disabled besides education.
* Provide financial assistance to the family in which the detainees are born.
* To arrange employment according to the standard of education of the detainees.
* To be aware of the current situation of the detainees through regular meetings and seminars.
* Provide financial and non-financial assistance to the non-governmental organizations working with the disabled in the country.
Government and non-government organizations of the country are working for the development of the country with the help of prisoners. Society and the country have to work together to give a proper assessment of the detainees in the society. Then the disabled will play a leading role in the development of the country, society, and the nation.

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