Food Assistance to Hungry and Unemployed People

Relief given away  to hunger-bit and jobless:  Suddenly the world is reposeful due to corona virus outbreak turned into a pandemic situation.  The situation has become worst for day labourer,  street hawkers, conduction workers and underprivileged population of village, third gender because of  lockdown done by government. They don’t have savings.  They depends on their livelihood on daily basis income.  Today's slogan, "To maintain social distance " is seems to them so stay hungry with whole family.  To remitting this situation,  pathway takes some steps. We are providing provide  foodstuffs to 35000 families of day labourer, street hawkers,  impoverish people of village and third gender.  We will continue this till last day of lockdown.

From the very beginning of this corona virus effect,  pathway distributed mask, hand sanitizer to varies schools,  colleges and poor's. 

Now they're serving foodstuffs which is a basic needs now.

Others suffering category is lower middle class families.  To maintain their social respect and honour,  they can’t beg or take relief.  They faced irony  trouble due to this sudden otiose.  To consider their situation,  pathway is serving them foodstuffs like rice, pulses, oil, onion and others but we are hiding their identity. Our team members reach their door with necessary things  without information that we are giving or with direct contact with them. We just step in the door, put things,  Knock slightly and come back.

We are also taking responsibilities of corona positive patients when no one  wants to take responsibilities even their relatives,  well-wishers.   Pathway volunteers taken all responsibilities and take care of corona positive patients with braveries.  Indeed they are doing a noble deed.

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